What are the Q&A calls?

To personalise your plan & make quick progress toward Sustainable Performance

During the Q&As, for one hour we dive deep into one aspect of Sustainable Performance: we learn, share & define concrete actionable points that get us closer to our individual goals. The calls are run on Zoom in small interactive groups. They're charged £12 individually outside the membership packs.

What about the online courses?

To give you simple but concrete & efficient tools to increase your performance at work, and in life, in other words, to show up at your best regularly over time.

We have deconstructed what it takes to perform at your very best into courses, each one a key component of people’s performance, from knowing your worth, setting your vision, managing your time, your emotions, your mindset and your habits, to taking care of yourself & your relationships. There is no restrictive order to take these modules, you can start with the most relevant to you, and revisit any of them when you feel the need. They are self paced online courses, and they are participative.

What is Mental Fitness?

Lack of physical fitness means more physical stress as you make an effort. Lack of mental fitness means more mental stress (anxiety, frustration, or unhappiness) as you handle work & relationship challenges.

80% of people score below the minimum level of mental fitness required for peak performance & happiness. The great news? You can improve your mental fitness significantly within 6 weeks of practice. The results? Dramatically improved performance & productivity and a calm, clear & happier mind. PQ is the measure of your Mental Fitness. It's the best predictor of how happy you are and how well you perform relative to your potential.

Membership pricing options

Longer membership options give you access to additional resources.

  • £395.00 / 6 months with 15 day free trial

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  • £69.00 / month with 15 day free trial

    1 Month Flex

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  • £1,295.00 / 12 months with 15 day free trial

    12 Month Premium

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  • 1 Month Membership

    All membership options give you access to 1️⃣ the online courses part of the Sustainable Performance programme, and 2️⃣ access to the weekly Q&A calls to personalise your plan & make quick progress.

  • 6 Month Membership

    The 6 Month Membership also give you access to 3️⃣ an Accountability WhatsApp group so you don’t quit till you see results, and to 4️⃣ individual online coaching sessions at discounted price.

  • 12 Month Membership

    The 12 Month Membership give you access to all this, plus also to 5️⃣ four individual online coaching sessions at no extra cost, and also to 6️⃣ an additional enrolment in the 6 week Mental Fitness programme run by Standford lecturer Shirzad Chamine we partner with. This programme alone is worth $995 when directly bought on PositiveIntelligence.com/program.